Commercial Solar:

It's all about bottom line

​​How Would Reduced Electric Costs Improve Your Business?

Going solar can benefit your business in a number of ways: reduced operating costs through lower electric bills, protection from changing utility rates, and the ability to receive the federal tax credit and become a green vendor to improve your public perception, are just a few. Contact us today to find out even more ways that solar can help your business grow.

Owning vs leasing

Both purchasing a solar panel system for your commercial property and leasing your commercial space for a solar panel system makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. Deciding which option is right for your commercial property will depend on several factors, such as expected return on investment, financial circumstances, and purpose of use. Read on to see the benefits of buying versus leasing a Solar System.

Owning benefits

Leasing benefits

Types of commercial solar systems


The roofs of most commercial buildings offer a great opportunity to improve your bottom line through passive energy savings with solar panels. Solar Systems can be installed on almost any commercial roof and offer many benefits above and beyond producing power. Because they cover your roof it is largely protected from damage and wear from the sun, snow, rain, and hail, reducing your maintenance costs. Additionally, solar panels shade the roof and may reduce your cooling costs in the summer heat.

Custom work

Solar panels can be installed in other configurations besides just on rooftops. While rooftop mounts are restricted by the size, location, and angle of your roof, a ground mounted system can be placed anywhere on your property to ensure maximum exposure to the sun. Panels can also be installed on other structures on your property such carports or trellises. Pole mounted systems can even be installed in parking areas to maximize benefits for your business.

community solar

Looking to generate revenue from your unused roof and parking space?

Community Solar allows commercial property owners the ability to turn these vacant areas into revenue generators. Lease this space to Harvest Power and we will install a solar installation at no out of pocket expense to the property owner. Harvest Power will then sell the power generated from that system to other customers within the same utility and share back a portion of the revenue generated as an annual lease payment. All operations and maintenance of the system is the responsibility of Harvest Power. The property owner can just sit back and watch the money come in.

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