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Solar Energy Savings for New York City Residents

New York City solar panel installation

Our team has helped residents throughout all five boroughs of New York City realize the benefits of solar power. Learn more about how solar energy can benefit people in all NYC communities.

New York City solar panel installation
NYC is targeting 1,000 megawatts of solar citywide by 2030, enough to power 250,000 homes. Solar panels allow buildings to generate their own emissions-free electricity and save residents money by reducing how much electricity they need to buy from their utility. On-site and community solar generation is beneficial for reducing consumption of grid energy and, especially when combined with energy storage, can help shift consumption away from peak periods.

Did you know New York City provides tax benefits and rebates, covering up to 90% of your solar installation cost? At Harvest Power, we offer a comprehensive assessment of your property, enabling you to take advantage of all solar savings you are eligible for. Contact our solar energy specialists today to learn more.