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Commercial Solar and Community Solar for Business FAQs

solar panels on a warehouse

Harvest Power provides commercial properties throughout New York and New Jersey with renewable solar energy. This post addresses some of the most common questions we receive about commercial solar and community solar.

My company does not have an ideal property for installing a solar array. Are there other options available to my business?

If your business isn’t ideal for solar panels or you do not want to install them on your property, community solar may be the way to go. Community solar is new to New York State, and more and more projects are becoming available. Community solar allows participants to reap the benefits of solar without having to install panels on their property, and makes the benefits of clean energy a possibility for more New Yorkers than ever before.
solar panels on a warehouse

My business sits on a large property. Are there options for leasing our land to solar developers?

Some solar developers are looking for large parcels of land, ranging from 10 to 35 acres, that can be used for solar. Not every property is ideal for installing large solar arrays due to property limitations or zoning requirements, but a participating contractor or developer will be able to determine your suitability. If your property is a candidate for solar, you could benefit from a long-term lease with a developer.

If my company installs solar, will our property taxes increase?

In most areas of New York State, you will be eligible for a 15-year tax exemption for your renewable energy system.

Community Solar for Business

Community solar offers local, clean energy that can often offset a greater portion of your business’s electric bill with predictable rates and terms without you having to install solar at your business. Some areas already have community solar projects and many more will have them in the future, making the benefits of clean energy a possibility for more New Yorkers than ever before.

What Is Community Solar?

Community solar is a collective array of panels installed in an offsite location, which produces energy. Almost anyone in the area can access it and receive credits toward their electric bills.

Who Is Eligible?

To be a part of a community solar project, your business just needs to have an account with an electric utility.

At Harvest Power, our renewable energy experts can answer all your questions regarding commercial solar projects. Contact us today to learn more.