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Powering Storage Facilities & Other Commercial Properties

commercial solar installation in Hauppauge, NY

Harvest Power specializes in delivering turnkey commercial solar energy solutions. From the pre-planning and design phases to completing the installation, our hands-on approach ensures the project gets done precisely and efficiently.

Best-Practice Installation Methods

Site Assessment and Analysis

Conduct a thorough site assessment to evaluate factors such as sunlight exposure, shading, and structural considerations. Additionally, we can analyze the energy consumption patterns of your commercial facility to determine the appropriate size and capacity of the solar installation.

Optimal Solar Panel Placement

Strategically place solar panels to maximize sunlight exposure, considering the orientation, tilt, and potential shading issues.

High-Quality Solar Panels and Components

We always utilize high-quality solar panels and components to ensure efficiency, durability, and long-term performance.

Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Regulations

Ensure compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, and permitting requirements to avoid legal issues and ensure a smooth installation process.

Safety Measures

At Harvest Power, safety is a top priority. Our installation crews are professionally trained, and all our equipment and practices adhere to safety protocols.

commercial solar installation in Hauppauge, NY

How many panels will my business require?

The system size depends on your business’s energy needs. Your solar contractor will work with you to assess those needs. A good starting place is to gather a year’s worth of your electric bills. Your solar contractor will use that information and assess your business or building’s sun exposure, the size and slope of your roof, available roof space, and other factors to determine how big your system will need to be. Your contractor can also tell you if a ground-mounted system may be a better fit for your site than a rooftop system.

Long Island Commercial Solar Installation

Experts in Federal, State, and Local Incentives

In New York and New Jersey, solar-powered commercial properties are eligible for various tax credits and incentives. Our team works for you to ensure you receive all the tax credits and additional incentives your business is entitled to receive.

New York State Programs & Incentives

New York businesses can take advantage of several tax credits and incentives for integrating renewable energy. Additionally, certain facilities can actually profit from storing and sharing their solar energy with the power grid, similar to community solar.

Commercial Storage

Businesses can install storage systems onsite or separate from building loads, like a community solar project. These systems can be paired with solar, provide back-up power, and earn compensation from utilities for delivering grid benefits.

Bulk Storage

These grid-connected storage projects enable increased integration of renewable energy sources while ensuring a resilient and reliable power supply when and where it’s needed most.

New Jersey Programs & Incentives

New Jersey also offers companies tax credits and incentives for utilizing solar power. The state may provide your business with free benchmarking and energy audits. Also, their energy efficiency project incentives include rebates for new construction, existing buildings, and distributed energy resources.

New Jersey’s Large Energy Users Program

The Large Energy Users Program is designed to promote self-investment in energy efficiency and combined heat and power/fuel cell projects with incentives up to $4 million for eligible projects in the states’ largest commercial and industrial facilities.

Energize Your Business With Solar Power

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