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The Benefits of Solar Energy for New Jersey Residents

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Established on Long Island in 2008, Harvest Power began by helping New Yorkers embrace solar power, advocating for energy efficiency and a sustainable future. Since then, we have expanded throughout New York State and into New Jersey.

The Advantages of Solar Energy for New Jersey Residents

·         Value: Solar will help you stabilize or reduce your energy costs by replacing the electricity you now buy from your local utility with lower-cost power.

·         Cleanliness: A solar system produces electricity with no emissions, no greenhouse gases, no pollution and no waste products.

·         Sustainability: There is an endless supply of sunlight as a fuel source – and it’s free.

·         Independence: You’re generating your own electricity and using it at the location where it’s being produced, avoiding the need for costly electric infrastructure.

·         Employment: The growth of solar energy in New Jersey has created thousands of jobs in sales, installation, manufacturing and financing.



These benefits are applicable to individuals and businesses transitioning to solar power throughout the US. At Harvest Power, we aim to help people understand the significance of adapting to solar energy, providing quality solar installations that stand the test of time while saving you money.

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New Jersey Solar Programs

New Jersey is committed to supporting solar energy. The Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program is the current solar program which allows new solar projects to register to earn New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Credits II (SREC-II). Older projects may be registered in one of New Jersey’s former solar programs, the SREC Registration Program (SRP) or the Transition Incentive (TI) Program, through which they continue to receive SRECs or TRECs. SRECs, TRECs, and SREC-IIs represent the clean energy attributes of electricity generated from a solar energy project.


SREC – Solar Renewable Energy Certificate

SREC-II – Solar Renewable Energy Certificate II

TREC – Transitional Renewable Energy Certificate