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The Benefits of Community Solar Power in New York State

solar panel roof installation

Harvest Power solar farms help generate power for homeowners and renters throughout New York State. Learn more about the benefits of our Community Solar programs.

Renewable Energy Access for All

Community solar provides access to clean, renewable energy for individuals and businesses that cannot install solar panels on their own properties.

Cost Savings

Subscribers receive credits on their energy bills for the solar energy generated, reducing energy costs.

No Upfront Investment

Participants can join community solar programs without the need for any initial financial investment, as the solar farm infrastructure is already in place.

Tax Incentive Independence

Suitable for those who do not qualify for federal or state tax incentives for solar power installations.

Supports Clean Energy Transition

Contributes to a more sustainable future.

Grid Resilience and Stability

Distributed solar energy generation enhances grid resilience and stability by reducing stress during peak demand periods.

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