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Why Your Business Should Go Solar in 2020

business solar 2020

You take pride in running your own business, and naturally, one of your chief goals in 2020 is to cut costs and be more profitable than ever before. One way to achieve this is converting to solar power

Many big companies have already taken steps to reduce their operating expenses and simultaneously reduce their carbon footprints by making the switch to solar energy. These companies include the likes of Macy’s and Costco.

Fortunately, your business can make this lean and green move, too.

Whether you want to invest in renewable sources of energy or you’re looking for cost-effective solutions, here’s a rundown on the many benefits of solar for business in 2020.
Let’s jump in!

Solar for Business Saves Money

One of the biggest reasons to go solar with your business this year is that you’ll save on your monthly electricity bill costs.

In fact, let’s say that you operate your business in an area that makes net metering available. The utility company lets you bank credits from over production to use during times when you don’t produce enough to cover your usage.  

Your level of cost reduction after installing a solar power system will depend on a number of factors, including the following:

  • The size of your facility
  •  Usage profile, how and when you use power.
  •  When your business is active during the day
  •  Your business location

 Businesses that benefit most from installing solar energy systems are those that have plenty of space for installing the right-size systems for their energy consumption needs. These businesses must also have plenty of sunlight.

Another noteworthy benefit of solar energy is that it is extremely scalable. For instance, some companies start with smaller solar arrays to cover a percentage of their energy requirements. Then, over time, they expand their arrays to cover all of their electrical needs.

Solar with Battery Storage Would Provide Some Resiliency for Your Business.

Solar paired with storage is especially valuable for businesses that need energy around the clock. The typical system is called a grid tied system, meaning they are connected to the grid.  With that said, a business that uses power 24/7 will stand to benefit more than one that has peaks and valleys based on the compensation method the utility uses for solar.  Demand costs also get reduced when the system is optimized to match the usage profile of the customer.

 Solar for Business Actually Generates Revenue

If you’re in a state that has a Renewable Portfolio Standard, like New Jersey or Connecticut, then you could also produce extra money from your utility via Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs.
These credits are tradable commodities that you earn by owning your own solar power system. You can earn a single credit for each 1,000 kilowatt hours that you generate from your solar energy system.
Depending on where you’re located, an SREC can be worth as much as hundreds of dollars. So, selling a large number can definitely boost your bottom line long term.

Solar for Business Gives You a Competitive Advantage

The modern business climate has placed a huge emphasis on sustainability as well as on maintaining a competitive advantage.
Specifically, across the United States, more businesses are acknowledging the value of being environmental stewards by reducing their carbon operations.
As we mentioned earlier, the great thing about going solar is that you can make your business more sustainable, which benefits your wallet. However, on top of this, you can quickly boost your recognition in the industry as a green leader.
This recognition can help you to satisfy your current customers who are passionate about being environmentally friendly. In addition, you may actually draw more eco-conscious customers to your business.
Another reason to go solar is that you satisfy the demands and requirements of institutional investors. You’ll also please local governments, state governments, and regulators.

Solar for Business is Beneficial for the Planet

All in all, an important reason to install a solar energy system at your business is that it will benefit the planet for years to come.
As a producer of solar power, you will be playing a major part in reducing harmful carbon dioxide gases that are generated by non-eco-friendly electrical production.
By using solar power, you can decrease your reliance on ozone-layer-destroying fossil fuels.
As we mentioned before, this may certainly make the masses feel better about your business. However, it will also make you feel much better about your company. And there’s no price tag for that.

How We Can Help

 We offer both solar power system purchasing and leasing services to businesses interested in going green this year.
Purchasing a solar energy system offers the benefit of improving your property value. Plus, it maximizes the return on your investment. In addition, you are guaranteed to save thousands of dollars on your business’s monthly utility bill over time.
Leasing a solar power system is also a smart business move for a few reasons.
First, it comes with no out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, you don’t have to worry about servicing or maintaining your system. Furthermore, you can promote your business as being green and immediately reduce your electricity bills.
We can discuss with you what your specific energy needs are and then deliver to you a solution that best 
Get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits of solar for business, and start going green on a whole new level in 2020.