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The Green Solar Power Impact

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Understanding the Power of the Green Effect

 It’s a new year, and one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to benefit the earth in a bigger way by having a smaller footprint.

The question is, how? And how much of an impact can you — one person — truly have?

The reality is, reducing your footprint alone by switching to a solar power system can have a far greater impact than your realize. It’s called the green effect, and just how powerful this effect can be may blow you away.

Let’s take a peek at how the green effect works and why you should play your part in achieving it, starting today.

Let’s jump in!


 What is the Green Effect?

 The green effect refers to the impact that installing a 4-kW solar panel system today can have on the environment for years to come.

The reality is, a solar energy system may end up saving you a whopping $120,000 over the span of three decades. However, it can do more than help your wallet. It can also help the environment by offsetting over 70 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

That’s akin to removing nearly 16 million vehicles from the road, or even planting almost two billion trees.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

 Carbon dioxide emissions are so destructive because carbon dioxide creates a layer around the globe that we can’t see. This invisible layer keeps heat trapped inside Earth, which is essentially global warming, or the greenhouse effect.

On top of this, sunshine is striking the earth each day, which is also causing the globe to warm up.

The result? Sea levels are starting to rise, and the polar ice caps are starting to melt.

However, if more homeowners and business owners installed solar energy, this could drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thus curb global warming. 

Planting Trees

 As we mentioned earlier, cutting carbon dioxide emissions can have the same effect as planting billions of trees, which naturally trap carbon dioxide.

This is powerful in the sense that planting trees can essentially reverse the trend of increasing greenhouse gas emissions that we are currently dealing with, thus bringing emissions down to zero.

This will, in turn, help to avoid potentially catastrophic climate effects, such as desertification and ocean acidification.

That’s the power of the green effect.

How We Can Help You to Facilitate the Green Effect 

 We offer top-of-the-line solar energy systems designed to help people in New York to live more energy-efficient lives. 

We have already installed several thousand solar power systems for commercial and residential clients. As a result, we are among the biggest providers of solar energy in the state of New York.

Our goal? To help you to enjoy a much cleaner power source and the significant utility bill savings that come with it. Plus, you can help the earth in exponential ways as a result.
Take a peek at the infographic above to see in more detail the profound green effect you can achieve by making the switch to solar this year.