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2020 Solar Power Update Nassau and Suffolk County

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Solar power continues its rise in popularity in New York State. With incentives and subsidies, people continue to come around to adding solar to their lives. The energy savings add up so quickly you can pay for the system completely in under 8 years in and around Long Island. That’s big money in energy savings! These counties have been ahead of the curve in the solar game with news stories of public spaces going solar dating back into the early 2000s. So, what can you expect in 2020s solar panel news? Keep reading to find out what’s going on in this Suffolk and Nassau County solar power guide for 2020.

In Solar Panel News: New York is Leading the Charge to Bring Solar Power to Its People En Masse With Groundbreaking Legislation

 On July 18th, 2019, Governor Cuomo signed New York’s landmark Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act setting ambitious solar power goals moving into the new decade. The bill requires there to be at least 6 gigawatts of solar energy, enough to power one million homes, be in effect by 2025. Further, it requires at least 70% of the electric generation come from renewable sources by 2030. New York is stepping out as an innovative leader in the fight against global warming by encouraging the use of these renewable sources like solar power. This means amazing things are on the horizon for solar power in the coming years in all of New York.

Incentivizing Their Citizens to Implement Solar for Beginners and Expert Users Alike

 In addition to the commitment from the state, in the initial onset of the solar push, the Federal government also granted a Federal Tax Credit to cover an amount equal to 26% of your system cost in 2020, no limits. Locally, residents received a New York State tax break to the tune of 25% of your system cost with a maximum of $5000. These incentives were what spurred on the public interest in going ahead with purchasing solar since it offset the high price of installation. Luckily, going into 2020, the popularity and expansion of the solar industry have made installation and purchase of a system more affordable than ever. So, the tax incentives are no longer necessary. You’re already getting the same cost savings without the additional paperwork of a tax incentive to recoup your investment.

How Can You Help? Solar Power for Beginners

 If you’re looking to do your part to harness the power of the sun while fighting against the damaging effects of global warming considering solar panels for your home is a great place to start. There are tons of benefits and virtually no drawbacks. But, let’s start at the very beginning and give you a crash course in solar power. What it is, how it’s made, and the actual effect it will have on your home after installation.

 What is Solar Power?

 Solar power is utilizing the energy output of our sun via solar panels and converting that energy into electricity without the use of fossil fuels or environmentally damaging substances. All you need to power your home with solar is a roof and good amounts of sun exposure (South facing is preferable but east/west roofs work) to keep the system charged. The cells that capture the sun’s rays are put together into sheets called solar panels that are mounted onto your roof. They are made from silicon and when given access to sunlight a chemical reaction happens that converts the silicon’s electrical characteristics into an actual electric current. In order to power your home or office, you’ll need a bunch of these panels all working together. To accomplish this, however many panels are needed are, connected together as they’re added to your roof. This becomes what is known as a solar array. You can use this array to power your home just as you would regular electricity without the negative effects on the Earth and your wallet. A properly maintained solar panel system will last and generate power for up to 30 years.

 Will It Really Make That Much of a Difference? Won’t They Look Ugly on My House?

 We aren’t talking about the basic 20 years ago solar panels for dummies here that look like a half-baked experiment. Solar paneling is now a multi-billion dollar industryThese professionals know what they’re doing and only add value to your home. The panels of 2020 are chic and sophisticated and blend right into your existing roof. They are almost flush against the surface meaning your roof will benefit as well and last longer. Why? It’s not taking the sun’s beating, you’re converting it into the power you need in your home. The upside is astronomical. A typical solar customer in New York saves $120,000 in electricity over the 30-year lifespan of the array. All that while offsetting almost 75 million metric tons of CO2 emissions each year you’re actively using the system. That’s the equivalent of planting 2 billion trees a year.

 Solar for Beginners: Don’t Wait The Future is Now

 We hope this gives you a glimpse into the promising solar panel news in the Suffolk and Nassau county regions. There has never been a better time to take the leap into getting your own solar panel array on your roof. Here at Harvest Power, we can design your system to fit your home and lifestyle perfectly. In addition to the huge cost and environment savings, you’ll also be putting years onto the life of your roof by protecting it from sun damage and wear and tear. We hope you’re ready to make a difference in your life and the health of our planet.