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Does My Home Qualify for Solar? A Guide for the Homeowner

January 14, 2020

Solar roof panel
Don't let anyone fool you. We are doing a lot in America to conserve our resources. The solar power used in this country offsets 70+ million tons of carbon dioxide annually. That is the equivalent of planting close to 1.2 billion trees. You've heard it can save you money, it's good for the environment and it's the power of the future. Are you thinking it's time to go solar? Are you a homeowner who is wondering if your house qualifies for solar... Read More

The Green Solar Power Impact

January 13, 2020

renewable solar power
Understanding the Power of the Green Effect It's a new year, and one of your New Year's Resolutions is to benefit the earth in a bigger way by having a smaller footprint.The question is, how? And how much of an impact can you -- one person -- truly have?The reality is, reducing your footprint alone by switching to a solar power system can have a far greater impact than your realize. It's called the green effect, and just how powerful this... Read More

2020 Solar Power Update Nassau and Suffolk County

January 7, 2020

solar panels long island
Solar power continues its rise in popularity in New York State. With incentives and subsidies, people continue to come around to adding solar to their lives. The energy savings add up so quickly you can pay for the system completely in under 8 years in and around Long Island. That's big money in energy savings! These counties have been ahead of the curve in the solar game with news stories of public spaces going solar dating back into the early 2000s. So, what can you... Read More

Your Guide to the Top New Jersey Solar Incentives

December 30, 2019

NJ Solar Incentives
Looking for the latest word in New Jersey solar energy incentives? Then you've come to the right place, and just in time, too. The truth is, you're almost out of time to reap the benefits of the NJ Clean Energy Act and other such solar power incentives. That's why we've written you this guide. The following article describes all current NJ solar energy programs and their numerous benefits. You'll also learn how little time you have left to take advantage... Read More

Mandatory Green Roof Law Passes for New York Buildings

December 19, 2019

NYC Green Roof Law
The world is going green—and many New York buildings are leading the way.Solar energy has exploded in recent years, and the trend isn't slowing down anytime soon. Expert estimate that solar PV capacity in the US will more than double during the next five years.Green roofs are another trend in sustainable buildings, and once again New York is leading the way. In fact, the 2.5-acre green park on the Morgan Processing and Distribution building is one of the largest green roofs in the country.It's no surprise... Read More
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