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Benefits Of Solar Energy For LI Business Owners

March 11, 2020

copiague fd solar project
Operating a business on Long Island has its challenges and commercial property owners are always looking for ways to lower operating expenses, make their businesses more competitive and increase their bottom line. The Long Island Power Authority, or LIPA along with its operating unit, PSEG-LI, have been working to meet New York State energy conservation efforts, by providing commercial property owners additional incentives to help them transition their properties to solar energy. The driving force behind these incentives is a... Read More

How Does Community Solar Energy Work?

March 4, 2020

community solar energy
You're a homeowner who worries about the environment. You learn that your utility company derives its energy from coal plants. You want to disconnect your household from coal energy. You decide to switch to solar instead. However, a solar installation expert warns against solar panels on your roof. A cluster of trees around your property would block solar transference. You become dejected, feeling stuck with no other options. In this case, the homeowner could switch to community energy solar.What is community solar?Community... Read More

Easy Ways to Save the Environment at Home

February 26, 2020

going green tips
Studies have shown that we have what it takes to switch to nearly 100% renewable energy by the year 2050.Given what we know about climate change and the fact that we've got a garbage island that's twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean, this might be hard to believe at first.However, there are many ways you can save the environment at home that can make a bigger difference than you'd think. Now more than ever, it's especially important to do what we... Read More

How Does Solar Power Work In The Winter?

February 10, 2020

solar power in winter
You're thinking about making the switch from fossil fuels to solar energy this spring. After all, the sun should be out in full force, so why not finally start tapping into its power?Some people ask, what will happen when Old Man Winter strikes? Will there actually be enough sun to make solar panels work?The good news is that you can indeed use solar panels in winter. And it's all thanks in part to a mechanism known as net-metering.Here, we'll take a look... Read More

New York State Solar Tax Credit 2020

February 4, 2020

New York State 2020 Solar Tax Credit
You've determined that 2020 will finally be your year -- your year to go green. Specifically, you're interested in going the solar route. And that couldn't be a smarter choice considering that New York State offers an attractive solar tax credit. The question is, what is the value of the New York State solar tax credit for 2020? Here's a rundown on the savings you can expect in 2020 as compared with 2019 in this guide. Let's get started! New... Read More
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