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Are Solar Panels Safe for Your Roof?

solar panel roof installation

Many New York and New Jersey residents ask us if solar panel roof installations present safety risks. Not only are roof installations safe, but they also protect the integrity of your roof.

Structural Compatibility

Solar panels are designed to be structurally compatible with various roof types, ensuring they don’t compromise the roof’s structural integrity.

Professional Installation Standards

At Harvest Power, we adhere to industry standards and guidelines to ensure your solar panels are securely and safely mounted to the roof structure, minimizing risks.

Wind Resistance

Solar panels are engineered to withstand typical wind loads and are securely anchored to the roof, preventing damage or detachment during windy conditions.

Protects Your Roof

Solar panels can shield your roof from outside elements, reducing exposure to direct sunlight, rain, and debris and extending the life of your roof.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Once installed, solar panels have minimal maintenance requirements. Routine checks and cleaning, if necessary, are generally straightforward and do not pose safety risks.

solar panel roof installation