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Why You Need to Switch to Solar Power to Make Summer Savings

Solar-powered pool heating is one of the most cost-effective ways of using the sun’s energy in pretty much any North American climate. The summer months can be extortionate when it comes to energy bills. Between heating and maintaining the pool and keeping the HVAC systems functioning correctly, costs can quickly get out of hand. Solar power is the ideal solution for people whose utility bills spike in the summer months. 

A Solar Powered Pool Heater Can Save You Serious Money

Funnily enough, you can install solar panels and use that glaring sun to help cool your house. You can also harness the power of the sun to heat your pool. This natural means of energy is kind to the planet and kind to your wallet!   

Most solar pool heating systems use a solar collector, which gathers solar power to circulate and heat the water. Then a pump surges water through a filter to remove debris, and a flow control valve diverts the water back through the solar collector. If you experience particularly hot summers, you can also use the device to cool the pool during peak heat.  

Use Solar Power to Heat Your Pool and Jacuzzi!

Traditional electric pool pump heaters don’t tend to last as long as a solar pool heater, and of course, the cost of traditional fuel each year is much higher. Once you’ve paid for the upfront cost of a solar pool heating system, you get to enjoy free energy directly from the source. 

Solar power pool heating isn’t just for large pools, either. If you’ve got a jacuzzi or hot tub, the cost of heating and hydro jets make it almost as expensive as a pool. While there’s nothing better than relaxing in your spa, you probably have to regulate usage is you’re using a conventional heater. Invest in solar power, and luxuriate in the hot tub as much as your heart desires.  

Above-Ground Solar Pool Cover Reel

Did you know it’s possible to heat a pool, keep it clean and prevent evaporation and chemical consumption, all with one device? An above-ground solar pool cover reel or roller covers over the water, trapping heat in and using solar power to provide further warmth.  

Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It?

If you find your bills are high in summer as a result of pool, jacuzzi or hot tub use — solar pool heating is 100% worth it. Instead of fighting against the heat of the sun, use it to your advantage. Although it’s a significant upfront cost, you can make substantial savings over a few years that give you an excellent ROI.

Make the Switch to Solar Power Today

People who are tired of overpaying for electricity in the summer months should consider investing in a solar power system for the home, pool and spa. Harvest Power is an expert in everything solar-powered — call today at 631-647-3402 or fill out the online form, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.