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Harvest Power supports local businesses during Corona Pandemic

We’re facing tough times

Right now, It’s our civic duty to stay inside and keep our community safe. Which means no shopping, hair appointments, service visits, or business as usual for most business owners. 

Without this essential commerce, small businesses are taking a very hard financial hit. Which is why we at Harvest Power have made it our civic duty to help out small business in tough times – and we’re inviting you to take part. 

For every person who participates in an online consultation meeting for new solar installations, we will donate $25 to the local small business of your choice. Read on to find out more below. 

We’re in this together

No one expected the coronavirus pandemic to play out as it has. Countries are closing, commerce is shut down and everyone is doing their part by staying off the streets to keep the virus from spreading. Which means that small businesses who rely on foot traffic or groups coming together are left without any money coming in. 

Many of the largest, most affected industries will receive financial aid from the federal government, and most bigger businesses have enough cash stashed away to weather the storm. Small, local businesses with month-to-month cash flow will be hit the hardest. 

It’s up to us large-and-middle sized corporations to help. 

At Harvest Power Solar, we’ve been serving the Long Island community since 1972. We provide solar solutions to homeowners and businesses, as well as battery storage to provide emergency power in the event of power outages in our community. Our products aren’t just helping Long Island residents and business owners save money, they’re also helping to make our community a greener, more sustainable place to live and work. 

A community is a group of people defined by the strength of the connections among them, and it’s in a time of crisis that these connections grow stronger. We hope to make our community stronger by donating to those who have been hit hardest – and you can help. 

For every person that attends a 100% virtual presentation of our products this month, Harvest Power will donate $25 to the small business of your choice.That’s right, all you need to do to help is sign up for and attend a virtual presentation of our solar power products, and we’ll send a donation off to your favorite local barber shop, dog groomer or bakery. You won’t only help your local community, but you’ll learn how you can invest in solar solutions that will make our community’s future greener and cleaner. 

We care about the people who live here in Long Island, so we want to do our part to make sure our community weathers this storm, together. 

To find out more or to sign up for a virtual presentation, contact us at 631-647-3402 or use our calendar

to book a time 

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