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Harvest Power Expands Its Commercial Solar Power Into 5 States

large scale solar projects

Harvest Power just completed another successful year of C & I solar installations.  

For the second year in a row, we completed installations in 5 different states; NY, NJ, CT, MA & NH.  

The projects were a mix of customer owned projects, PPA’s and Community Solar projects, some of which were developed and installed by Harvest Power and then sold at PTO to third party finance providers.  In addition, Harvest Power partnered with some local and national solar developers to install projects in the NYC Metro area utilizing our experienced in-house installation crew.

Community Solar

Harvest Power has been very active in developing and installing community solar projects across the NYC metro area.  We have just completed our 5th community solar project in PSEG-LI utility, out on Shelter Island, NY and are in the process of finishing the installation of our 6th community solar project in the Hauppauge Industrial Park (HIA). 

 We have two more projects on Long Island in our queue and will be working on a few dozen more in the Bronx during 2020.  Our experience with utilities in the NYC metro area along with our understanding of the available incentive structures for these areas allows us to provide the highest return on investment for our clients and developer partners.

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