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It Takes More Than Sunshine: How Does Solar Power Work? We Explain

how does solar power work

With the new year in full swing, and with spring around the corner, now couldn’t be a better time to make the switch to solar. After all, sunshine is a renewable source of energy that won’t be running out anytime soon. And it’s freely available.

The question is, how does solar power work?

Understanding how solar energy works can give you an even greater appreciation for the benefits that this system offers. So, here’s a look at how solar power works.

Let’s get started!

A Glimpse at Solar Power

Solar power systems capture energy from the sun, then turn into electricity that your business or home can use.

This is possible because the sun is essentially a nuclear reactor that releases photons, tiny energy packets. Each hour, there are enough photons impacting the earth to produce enough power to satisfy energy needs across the entire globe for a full year.

That’s right. One year.

However, right now solar power makes up a small percentage of the energy used across the United States.

Fortunately, as solar cell technology improves, the cost of switching to solar is decreasing quickly. And thus, the ability of the masses to harness the abundant power of the sun is increasing.

In fact, solar energy is the most quickly growing renewable energy source. In 2017, its growth finally surpassed the growth of all of the other renewable energy options.

Let’s take a peek at how this energy source works in detail below.

How Does Solar Power Work?

When the photons we mentioned above strike solar cells, the solar cells knock the electrons in the photons loose from atoms. The electrons move through the electrical circuit created when a conductor is attached to a solar cell’s negative and positive sides. 

Then, these electrons produce energy.

Note that each solar panel features many solar cells, which are made with silicon, mirroring semiconductors.

In addition, many panels, also known as modules, could be wired together to create a solar array. With more panels comes more generated energy.

How We Can Help

We offer unparalleled solar energy solutions for homeowners and business owners looking to reduce their footprint and thus save on their energy costs while also saving the planet.

Back in 2008, we were a friendly construction program designed to help the owners of properties to become more energy efficient via solar power. Today, we are among the largest providers of solar energy systems in New York.

If you’re asking the question “how does solar power work,” we can show you the inner workings of solar power systems and how they can help you to live and operate in a greener way. In no time, you can enjoy more money in your pocket while feeling good about doing your part to help the earth.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our unique solar power systems, and experience a whole new level of energy efficiency in 2020.


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